Dillon Hut, Taipo Valley


Dillon Hut in the Taipo Valley is an absolute gem for kids, as far as we’re concerned. Warm, sandfly proof, so clean you won’t worry about your toddler eating off the floor.

Located: Taipo Valley (behind Arthur’s Pass), off SH73. Map – BR28

Access: From the end of the 4WD track, around 2hrs adult time. Approximately 6kmish from end of 4WD or maybe 8km from SH. River valley and 4WD track, mostly flat, ‘easy walk from road end’ according to DoC website. High level route (but we didn’t use it) avoids need to cross river.

Hut features:  Standard, 10 bunks. Log burner cranks out the heat, sandfly protection on windows, really clean. Family of weka outside the hut – adults and fluffy babies while we were there. Other MAJOR plus is another hut very close meaning that other trampers can bail there if they don’t want to share the hut with your wonderful whanau. Sandfly levels were moderate (we were there in spring).

Negatives: River crossing, reasonable strength at normal flow. There is a high level route but we didn’t use it. If without 4WD then add a decent hill plus another hour(?).


4 thoughts on “Dillon Hut, Taipo Valley

  1. This website is such a great idea, thank you! We are yet to get out for our first overnight with our 2 and 4 year olds, but it would be really helpful to hear some tips and tricks to making the whole experience a good one for all – have to admit that it’s a little bit daunting!


    • Hi Rebecca,
      Glad to hear that you like the website. In regards to tips and tricks – the aim is to include pages on this sort of thing in the near future. Just thought we’d get things rolling and go from there. Got to try to fit this in around our little ones! Off the top of my head – be realistic and flexible, make it fun for the little ones, lots of snacks and breaks (or even choose a hut really close to the road-end so that you get the overnight fun without the walk…). An idea to make the walking more fun is to go with another family – kids will go further and faster when there’s other kids around we find. Enjoy, good luck, and keep an eye on the website 🙂 Jo


  2. Awesome site Thanks, We will be driving down the coast with our Toddler this summer so was great to read a few ideas.


    • Thanks Sally. Hopefully by summer there will be more huts added to the site for you to get ideas from 🙂 Other places we have visited on the Coast are Blowfly Hut (or Blue) which is up the Moeraki River. A neat wee hut which is about 1-1.5hrs walk on a good track but we didn’t stay the night. Not sure about how bad sandfly levels are. We would advise avoiding the Rapid Creek Hut in the Lower Whitcombe due to horrendously high sandfly levels! Have fun 🙂 Jo


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