Green Lake Hut, Fiordland

Located: Green Lake, Fiordland, CE07 647146

Access: This was an interesting trip, along a 6.8km tramping track and took us three hours, carrying our one year old.  We started from Borland Biv on Borland Road.  The track started with a gentle uphill section through the bush.  We then walked down to a swampy section, which was a lot wetter on our way to the hut than on the return journey.  After another bushy section, we walked through a dry swamp before climbing over a bit of a hill.  We found a nice lunch spot on the lake front before following the lake round to the hut. The track was easy to follow, although is a little rough in sections.

There is a side trip to Island Lake, and on to the Clark Huts if you are really keen.  We only went as
far as the island look out.

Hut features: This is a standard 12 bunk hut with platform bunks.  It has a closed fire.  There is a water tank outside, plus another tap.  Inside there is a table with bench seats that have two sides built into the hut.

There are beautiful views of the lake from the hut and it is only a very short walk along boardwalk to
get to the lake where is possible to go swimming.

Negatives: A guided group uses the hut on a Tuesday night.  We were at the hut while they when they arrived, and found the group to be courteous.

Visited: January 2015 by Gray Family

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