Turere Lodge


Located: The Orongorongos near to Wellington.


Access: 2 hours 45 mins at a 4 year old’s pace in the rain – so not many stops! Allow 2-3 hours. If nice weather there are lots of nice places to stop and play in the river.

Hut features: Amazing hut. Very nice hut and beautiful area. Must book hut in advance. $80 per 8 bed bunk room. Cutlery, crockery etc in hut. Gas cooking facilities there. Two long drop toilets. Wood burner, but enough benches to create a make-shift fire guard around it to keep the little ones away.
Very close to big river valley. Full of rain when we went, but would be amazing in good weather.

Negatives: Hut needs to be booked. No river crossing required to get to this hut. However some of the other nearby huts do need you to get across the river, so ensure you know what you are booking if you book one of those. When we were at Turere there was another group who had not been able to get to their planned hut for the night due to not wanting to cross the river.
Visited by: Manawatu Family Microadventurers, Sept 2015


3 thoughts on “Turere Lodge

    • Hi Mary,
      Apologies, my North Island geography is not so flash. This will either be because someone suggested this area or because I guessed at it. Could you please advise me on which would be the best heading for this hut? Thanks 🙂 Jo


      • No worries Jo, just thought it might confuse people. It’s neither Kapiti or Wairarapa as its in the Orongorongo ranges which is in the Wellington region. I’m not sure if that helps much as there is no Wellington heading… It is a fantastic hut though!


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