There’s no way that we can get out there and check out every hut, so we’re asking everyone to contribute. If you’ve been to an accesible hut (or campsite) with your little ones, let us know.

We’re looking for huts that are  ideally less than 3 hours (adult) walking time from the road end. If it takes longer then feel free to sell it to us and we’ll submit it. Initially we were just looking for good huts on good tracks. But this leaves questions for others as to whether it a hut hasn’t been submitted or has been visited and is terrible. It also allows people to make their own decisions about what they want to put up with. I might even develop some sort of rating system in the future.

We’ve also included huts that you can 4WD to. Not true ‘tramping’ but it all depends on what you want to achieve. For us, getting into the hills for a night was sometimes enough to keep us happy 🙂

There’s a few reasons for these criteria – the first being that it’s our website so our call, feel free to develop your own 😉 But there’s a range of factors that our thinking is based on – this distance means that older kids may be able to walk all the way and still get there by dark. If you’re carrying the little ones then you won’t die of exhaustion with the kids plus gear weight on your back. Plus if everything goes to pot (your child hates their sleeping bag, you’re getting evils from the other occupants, or you’ve run out of nappies…) then you can pack up and get back to the car without too much hassle. From our experience, not being too far from the road seems to equate to more enjoyment for all parties.

So let us know about your recent family adventure…

Information that we’d like to include: (see attached file below)

  • Name of hut/campsite
  • Where is it? i.e. which track is it on/valley in? Topo map number, grid reference if you’re that way inclined.
  • How far to hut? In kilometres/adult PLUS how long in little legs time? (Including if you stopped to play Pooh sticks at a cool bridge etc.).
  • Condition of hut – sandfly proof? Decent woodburner? Clean and tidy?
  • Added bonuses – another hut nearby (for other trampers to bail to if they don’t like kids)? Kiwi nesting outside the door? A pile of river gravel to play with?
  • Any issues/things to take into account? i.e. – Great Walk hut so needs to be booked; has unbridged river that can rise etc.

Compile this information, add some photos, and email to me at and when I get a chance between kindy and school drop-offs, work, and planning our own adventures, I’ll add it to the page. Tell all your friends and others to do the same – the more information on here, the more we can get little people out having fun 🙂

3 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Such a wonderful idea! We were just discussing last week about a tramp over summer & questioned whether we could find one our 6 year old could cope with but with the info in this website we could take our 3 year old too! Maybe even our 18mth old as well!
    I look forward to hearing of any great walks/huts that people may know of in the Otago/Southland region.
    Many thanks for getting this going!
    Kylie & Family


    • Hi Kylie, I’m sure there’s somewhere you could all go 🙂 Hopefully by the time summer arrives there will be plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!


  2. Hi, I came across your website after a recommendation on Facebook. Enjoyed reading so far, thank you. We live in Hawkes bay and have a number of great DOC huts around the region but couldn’t see any listed yet. I walked to Te Puia Hut (lodge) in the Kaweka forest park with my 6 year old and came across a few other families. The hut is large with enough spaces on two communal bunk beds for 26 people. We were lucky enough to have the whole place to ourselves. There is a river right outside and a further 45 min walk past the hut are natural hot springs that have been rigged up to 2 spa baths. Great after walking in! The walk to the hut from the car park is max 2-3 hrs for adults and took us 3.5 to complete with small legs. A freestanding fireplace and gas cooking in the hut. Pre purchase tickets before going, super cost effective. The road to the hut requires crossing a small Ford so essential to check rainfall before going. Hope this is helpful and I hope to walk some of the hikes you have listed.


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