Nina Hut


Located: Nina Valley, Lewis Pass

Access: 7 or 8 km, DOC time is 3 hours, we took five as we had lots of stops to take the babe out of the backpack for squiggling. Return trip we did in 2.5 hours. Track condition really nice, although lots of tree roots so not a super smooth path. 

Hut features: Very lovely well maintained new hut, 10 sleeping pozzies on two platforms so nice for snuggling up with several people, great site, beautiful views. Sand-fly proof inside, flat space to run around outside if that way inclined (or to pitch tents outside the hut), nice windows at bunk level for babies to look out of, fireplace easy to block off with a mattress as there is a clothes drying grill on one side. Lots of birds on the track (a well maintained trap line!) so very friendly robins for the baby to watch. Several beautiful swimming holes along the way!

Negatives? Pretty bullet proof, bridges over all river crossings, nice dry hut with fireplace.

Tramp tested and recommended by Tobin Moggre, for his 1st birthday.