DSCF3019So you’ve got little ones and you want to go tramping but you’re not sure where to take them? Or you have an idea about a hut but wonder if how ‘child-friendly’ the tramp might be?

Getting into the hills with your kids can be a challenge sometimes, so we’re hoping that this website might make it easier to head out on an enjoyable family tramp. We’re aiming to provide basic information about tramping huts (and campsites) which are easily accessible for families. This site is especially aimed at those with pre-school children, although we’d like to think that you can adapt and adjust the information for your own family or collections of kids. For reasons described in more detail (see Background), the destinations are likely to be a couple of hours (adult time) from the road end, so don’t expect to find advice on how to get your 4 year-old into the Olivine Wilderness Area.

We also need people to contribute, as there’s no way we can visit all the easily accessible child-friendly huts in NZ. Please head to the Contribute page and follow the information found there. Thanks in advance!

Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for the safety of those following the information found in this site, or the accuracy of the information. Please take note of WHEN the information was posted and if possible contact the provider or DoC for updates. Also, if you’ve never been tramping before but want to start now that you’ve got pre-schoolers, please go carefully, start small, go with those more experienced than you etc.

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  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for starting an initiative like this! Can you start a Facebook group so we can stay up to date with updates and additions?


    • Hi there Tanya, glad you like the website. I will probably set up a Facebook page when I get a chance but for now, I think you can ‘follow’ this blog which means that you will receive updates whenever anything is posted. Ciao, Jo


  2. Ahoy there, this is such a great idea I am wondering why it hasn’t happened before. We are super keen family trampers but normally I head off with the boys on my own so great to have a kid friendly perspective on where is good to go 🙂


    • Hi Colleen, yes it is interesting that there’s such a gap in the market. With help from keen people all over the country we can hopefully fill the gap 🙂 Jo


  3. Hey this is an amazing website…thank you!
    I was wondering if you had any specific recommendations on a hut in or around Arthur’s Pass? Keen to take our 3 and 5 year old to their first hut.


  4. Hey this is an amazing website!I’m wondering if you have any specific recommendations for a hut in or around Arthur’s Pass?
    Keen to take our 3 and 5 year old to their first hut and will be driving through from Hokotika to Chch.


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