Alice Nash Memorial Heritage Lodge


Located: In the scenic Oroua River valley of the Ruahine Forest Park.

Access: 45 minutes to hut even with small kids. An hour max. Track condition very good. No steep drop offs anywhere. One river crossing on a very pretty bridge. A very good place for a first overnight tramp.

Hut features: Fine,Tidy. We didn’t need the wood burner when we were there, but still warm enough overnight.River nearby – we left our packs at the top of the river track and walked down there with the kids (4 and 5 year olds). Track to river in much worse condition that track to hut and definitely takes the 30-40 minutes that the sign suggests. When we went the grass on some parts of the track down to the river was over the kids heads. They needed to have long sleeves and long pants on or they would have been cut by it. So keep that in mind! There is a basic campsite and toilet down by the river. It would be a nice spot to camp.

There are some glow worm caves nearby (short drive from road end – signposted). This website is the best/only description I could find of them: We went to have a look before we headed home (maybe 10 minute drive from the hut road end max), but I don’t think we walked far enough or it wasn’t dark enough for us to see anything. We did eat our lunch down there though!

Negatives: Not a lot of beds and not bookable. As close to road end apparently it can be very busy sometimes. We went on a Friday night and there was only one other group, so we all got a bed.
Visited by: Heather and family, March 2015

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